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After searching all over and finding no source for American Girl Dollhouse Plans and materials, I set about creating my own.

I created a 34 page set of doll house plans with a kit to help you get started and email support to get you through the project. Why spend thousands for something with less? This project can be done for $250-$400 with these plans depending on the options you pick. I just recently added a section for a Basic Dollhouse project (~$200) for less experienced woodworkers or anyone looking for a less involved dollhouse project. If you have some basic woodworking experience and some basic tools - jigsaw, circular saw, then keep reading. A tablesaw is needed for anything beyond the Basic Dollhouse project (for siding, shingles etc). I built this for my daughters for Christmas and they absolutely love it.

With the Basic Dollhouse section of the plans you can build the house itself in a weekend! Follow the Basic Doll house Link for more information.

Girls with Dollhouse

I wrote these plans to be illustrated, detailed and everything I would have liked to know at the outset. I spent hours figuring this stuff out and you should benefit from it. I took pictures all along the way which are included in the plans as well. I put a couple of sample pages in the Gallery so you can get a flavor of the plans. I structured them around dollhouse options so you can tailor the dollhouse and manage the cost of the project.

Check out the More Photos Page to get an even better sense of the dollhouse. A few specifics follow below:

Dollhouse Stands just shy of six feet tall, five feet wide and two feet deep
Front doors hinge open to interior play area
Roof hinges open to attic
Functional overhead lights in each room
Decorative amenities include 1st floor hardwood, 2nd and 3rd floor carpeting
Fourteen plexiglass windows

Plans Include
I. 34 page Dollhouse plans including full materials listings with weblinks, cutlists, pictures and diagrams
II. American Girl Dollhouse Template Kit includes the following timesavers: Sample Shingle, Sample Siding, Sample Trim, Shutter Template, Window Template. You can set your saws and setup repetitive assembly steps right out of the box.
III. Email Support when you need it. As this is a complicated project, I include 8 weeks of email support for your doll house project. If you have any questions on how to do any aspect of the project or are looking to change the design in some way for your project please email me.

$27.99 - Includes Shipping
Plans, Template Kit & Email Support
Paypal Preferred, Check & Money Order Accepted
International Shipping Extra - Please Inquire for Rates
Build an American Girl Doll House for Someone You Love!

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